Our Story

Often we watch countless small businesses pour their heart into their passion but never put together a strategy to maximize their brand.

Did you know only 3 out of every 10 small businesses have what it takes to articulate what they do and sell properly? This proves that having a strong brand requires much more than talent and we are here to help.

As branding consultants, we help small businesses put together a brand strategy that will help them succeed on and offline. You can always expect Anyko Prints to have your best interest at heart when working with us. Your continued success enhances our passion and creative community.

Anyko Prints is a new company but we are not new to the printing industry. We printed in our living room on dining tables in 2003 with screens and a heat press. Though it was a hobby, I did not understand how far the passion for writing would go.

When my youngest son “Anyko” was born in 2002 I knew I had to create a form of generational wealth for my children.
It was during this moment I thought of all the years of training I received working under family entrepreneurs. My great grandmother owned multiple restaurants, thrift stores and even had the only candy store for 18 square blocks out of her home! I thought of my grandfather who also had over forty rental properties, was a Baptist pastor, school superintendent and was co-owner of a funeral home. However, their businesses never evolved past their own endeavors.

As you can see they knew how to hustle in a time that was harder to do so out of pocket. Yet somehow they made it happen. *I learned from them the people skills to build immediate rapport, help customers define their most important desires and help them reach their goals.

The core concept of Anyko Prints is providing irreplaceable value while delivering outstanding, personable and memorable customer service.

My love for design started with my dad’s record collection he amassed while stationed in Korea. I would sit there and sift through his funk, soul and blues collection staring at the artwork for hours on end. He had well over 2k records! Ready to create my art I took my mom’s lipstick and drawing on walls they not favored which at all. It wasn’t until a few years later at the age of six I drew my first drawing that boosted my confidence as a beginning artist was of my hero Optimus Prime.

From that day forward I never looked back. The gift of being a visual turned digital artist lead me naturally into eventually starting my clothing brand officially in 2003. I designed, marketed, and hand printed everything myself. For four years I traveled the united states selling my artisan screen printed garments, often selling out.

Eventually, other vendors asked for brand consulting which lead to more logo, print, and web design work. Eventually, with a filled schedule (and suffering from a travel burn out), I was branding businesses full time putting my love for artisan printing on hold.

With 16 years of branding and design experience with clients such as Bob Dylan, G.O.O.D Music, Wu-Tang Clan, and others, Anyko Prints has what it takes to not only brand your business BUT create marketable items that will bring you endless sales.

We know that you understand the point of providing a future for your children. Anyko Prints is handing the generational wealth down from generation to generation as each heir adapts with the times.

I want them to learn from me as much as I learned from my grandfather and great grandmother. It’s important to teach the youth to pave their own path in life through business knowledge, people skills and service to others through community involvement.

Now you understand the aim here at Anyko Prints subscribe to our newsletter. Contact Anyko Prints if you have ideas you’d like to bring to life.

Always think of your brand as an entity you will pass down through generations. What will you create and leave as your legacy?

One Rule. Quality First.

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